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Senior Citizens
Bookkeeping & Bill Pay

As your cherished family member gets older, they may need some help with their day-to-day financial tasks and daily cash management.

Ordinarily simple tasks such as balancing a checkbook, organizing paperwork and paying household bills become increasingly difficult, causing stress and anxiety.

Family members try to manage many aspects of their loved one’s affairs, but it’s easy to become overwhelmed while keeping up with their own family, career and responsibilities.

Blue Swan Bookkeeping will ease the demands of the family struggling to balance family and career plus manage their loved one’s daily financial responsibilities.

This will allow you to spend more quality time with your loved one and they can maintain their independence for as long as possible.


Hire an Affordable Personal Bookkeeper

Whether your loved one is no longer independent or simply needs extra help to enjoy their lives, Blue Swan can provide daily cash management for Senior Citizens.


Bill Pay Services for Seniors

Paying household bills on time can be challenging. I can help organize monthly bills and ensure they get paid on time, every month. 


Verifying Income is Received

Many seniors have multiple sources of income, including social security, pensions, annuities, IRA, 401k, investments, and other retirement accounts. It can be difficult to keep track of everything. I will set up systems to verify that income is coming in as expected and alert a loved one if there is an issue. 


Daily Cash Management

For seniors on a fixed income, it’s important to stick to a strict budget. Even if money isn’t an issue, it’s important to make sure loved ones aren’t being exploited and money isn’t going missing. Providing daily cash management and budgeting provides safeguards and financial accountability.


Monthly Checkbook Balancing

There’s a reason why seniors are persistent about balancing their checkbooks. They always know how much they have and what they can spend. As we age, it gets more difficult to track and remember every purchase. I provide monthly checkbook balancing and provide reports.


Organizing Paperwork for Taxes

When tax time comes, one of the biggest struggles is gathering all the necessary reports and financial documents. I help organize everything in one place, so there’s no need to search or dig for records. 


Monitoring Bank Accounts and Credit Card Transactions for Possible Fraud

Everyone is susceptible to fraud or incorrect charges, regardless of age. It’s happened to everyone. That’s why it’s critical to monitor bank accounts and credit card statements. That’s an added bonus to hiring an elder-care bookkeeper. If anything suspicious arises, I will take immediate action to alert loved ones so accounts can be frozen and charges reversed. 

Additional Bookkeeping Services for Seniors

If you need custom care beyond our Elder Care Bookkeeping Support package, let us know.  We can customize a package that suits your needs including managing medical and insurance issues, dealing with incoming mail, or arranging for home repairs.

  • Receiving and paying household bills.
  • Tracking income and expenses.
  • Making sure income is received and deposited.
  • Budgeting and recordkeeping.
  • Monthly checkbook balancing.
  • Determine current and long-term cash flow needs by analyzing income and expenses.
  • Organizing paperwork and financial documents for tax season.
  • Protect from financial abuse and fraud by keeping close eye on activity.
  • Assist in locking credit to prevent identify theft and fraud.
  • Prepare and email monthly financial reports

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Senior Bookkeeping Service

There is a $360 onboarding fee to get started

  • This includes a review of your personal financial situation, connecting up your bank accounts and credit cards to our Quickbooks software, and setting up bill pay for your recurring bills.
  • After the initial onboarding, bookkeeping service is $130 per month.

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Elder Care Bookkeeping FAQs

How much does bookkeeping for seniors cost?

I charge a $360 onboarding fee to get started. This includes all the setup work and consulting to learn about your finances, expected income and expenses, and needs. ​Monthly bookkeeping is $130/month for a typical personal financial situation, but it can be more depending on the complexity of your unique situation. Additional services are billed at $60/hour.

Do you need a certification to manage finances for senior citizens?

Having a certification isn’t legally necessary but it is a good indication that the person managing your finances has the knowledge needed to manage your daily finances correctly.

How do you track income and expenses for seniors?

We use a leading financial management software platform, which is trusted for personal finance management.

How do you securely access bank account info and credit cards for bookkeeping?

The software platform securely accesses your bank account information and credit cards through a login verification. A secure connection is made between your bank and the software. This type of connection is the industry standard for online banking and accounting.

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