Small Business Bookkeeping

Your success depends on having time to grow your business. 

Hiring a Bookkeeper will save you dozens of hours each month so you can work on solving critical business problems. 

I will optimize and manage your Quickbooks to be accurate and efficient. You will get weekly and monthly financial reports, and a consultant to help you understand them. 

If you don’t have a bookkeeping system in place, I can help you get started. 


It’s Time to Hire a Local Bookkeeper

If you are part of a growing number of small business owners who realize that their business, and its continued success, is worth some professional help, Blue Swan Bookkeeping is here for you.

I will manage your books and provide critical financial information so you can focus your time on building your business and making a bigger profit.


Start From Scratch

Send me your shoebox of receipts and assorted scraps of information about your business activities. I will organize and create an electronic company file that incorporates all your business transactions for the current year. Your books will be all caught up and easy to maintain your finances moving forward.

  • Creating QuickBooks subscription
  • Creating new company file
  • Setting up a chart of accounts customized for your business
  • Setting up your customer list
  • Setting up your vendor list
  • Creating a custom invoice template
  • Creating a custom job proposal/estimate template
  • Setting up accounts for future tax purposes
  • Setting up state sales and income tax schedules
  • Setting up car leases and scheduled payments


Catch Up / Clean Up

If it’s been a few months since you’ve worked on your financials, Blue Swan can help you.  I will systematically start from where you left off and work forward until your bookkeeping is completely up to date. Please take a look at our Catch-up Bookkeeping Checklist for insight on the process.

  • Comprehensive review of your bookkeeping system – verifying that your chart of accounts is optimized for your business and making sure your accounts are set up properly.
  • Past Month to month reconciliations of your bank account and credit card transactions.
  • Update your accounts receivables and accounts payables.
  • Analyze your company file to ensure data accuracy.

Monthly Bookkeeping

Once your business, or S-corporation, is up to date, Blue Swan can manage your monthly bookkeeping responsibilities so you can focus on serving your clients and making more profit. I offer several different packages and can tailor our services to meet your needs. For annual services to get your year started right, take a look at our End-of-Year Bookkeeping Checklist.

  • Tracking and reporting on proposals/estimates
  • Email paid receipts
  • Customer Invoicing
  • Collect and reconcile bank statements
  • Collect and reconcile credit card statements
  • Manage accounts receivables and payables
  • Review and adjust accounts based on monthly statements
  • Past Due account follow up – stay on top of unpaid invoices
  • Profitability analysis
  • Monthly financial reporting (and how to read them)
  • Custom Reporting as needed
  • Email, Phone and Text Support
  • Bill Pay Processing
  • Payroll Processing
  • Inventory Clean up and Tracking
  • Get ready for Tax Season

Small Business Bookkeeping FAQs

How much is bookkeeping for a small business?

I charge a $360 onboarding fee to get started. This includes all the setup work and consulting to learn about your business processes. ​Monthly bookkeeping for small businesses averages $500 / month. Basic monthly bookkeeping for self-employed entrepreneurs averages $250 / month. Packages can be easily customized to fit your needs. Additional services are billed at $60 / hour. Quickbooks Training is billed at $75 / hour.

Why bookkeeping is hard for small business owners?

Small business owners are so busy running their business, they rarely have time to do anything else. Even managing to carve out a few moments every day, most people don’t have the understanding or know-how to do it right or efficiently. This could lead to spending more money than is coming in, or losing out on income by not keeping up on unpaid invoices. Bookkeeping should be done accurately and frequently so business owners have the info needed to make important decisions.

What is the difference between bookkeeping and accounting?

Accountants are the professionals you go to when you need expert financial advice about your business. Accountants will use the financial reports that Bookkeepers provide in order to offer expert advice to help your business run efficiently. They also prepare and submit your income taxes every year. Most accountants have a CPA certification, which means they are very qualified by also expensive. That’s why it’s best to have a bookkeeper do the day-to-day work and hire an accountant when you need one.

What does bookkeeping entail?

In a nutshell, Bookkeepers set up and maintain your books. Every penny that comes into and leaves your business is categorized into the right accounts. Accounts are reconciled every month and any changes are adjusted. State sales tax and quarterly reports are paid and submitted. Bookkeepers also follow up on Accounts Payable to alert you when bills should be paid. If you have employees, bookkeepers can assist in payroll processing.

What is the process of outsourcing a bookkeeper?

The process of hiring an outsourced bookkeeping service will somewhat depend on the services you are hoping to outsource. We cover every aspect of your QuickBooks needs, so reach out to us to discuss your particular needs. For a foundation of knowledge on the process, take a look at How to Outsource Bookkeeping.

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