Bookkeeping Services

I am a Quickbooks Certified Bookkeeper ready to help you get organized!

The basics of keeping good books requires a well thought out system to get your records organized.

I provide this by setting you up with accounting software.

I primarily use Quickbooks, but I can also use other programs like Wave and Freshbooks.

If you already have bookkeeping software in place, I can get you cleaned up and bring your books up to date.

I offer services specifically for small businesses and seniors.


Bookkeeping and Bill Pay for Seniors

Whether your loved one is no longer independent or simply needs extra help to enjoy their lives, I will manage daily cash management and bill pay including:

  • Paying Household Bills on Time
  • Verifying all Income is Received every month
  • Daily Cash Management
  • Budgeting and Recordkeeping
  • Monthly Checkbook Balancing
  • Organizing Paperwork for Taxes
  • Monitoring Bank Accounts and Credit Card Transactions for Possible Fraud

Small Business Bookkeeping

In order for your business to grow, you need time to focus on the important projects. That means stepping back and hiring a trustworthy, independent bookkeeper you can rely on. I’m here to take over for you. Below are the most common services I provide for small businesses:

  • Invoicing customers
  • Reconciling bank statements
  • Categorizing credit card charges
  • Managing unpaid invoices
  • Paying bills
  • Adjusting accounts monthly
  • Generating Profit and Loss statements
  • Helping you understand financial reports
  • Payroll Processing
  • Preparing documents needed for Taxes

Bookkeeping FAQs

What are bookkeeping services?

Bookkeeping services involves organizing and maintaining financial records for your company. This starts with setting up your Chart of Accounts, which includes sales, office supplies, payroll expenses, and other accounts related to your business. Bookkeeping involves recording your business transactions, categorizing them into these accounts, and producing financial reports like Profit and Loss statements.

How do bookkeeping services work?

Start with a conversation with your bookkeeper to determine what level of services your business requires. Then provide your financial documents (sales, receipts, invoices, expenses) and access to your bookkeeping software (typically Quickbooks). Depending on your needs, bookkeepers will record and organize your transactions monthly, weekly, or daily. Reports are provided monthly, but could be generated at any time upon request. Bookkeeping services are performed remotely and communication is done through phone, email, and/or video.

How much do bookkeeping services cost?

Monthly bookkeeping services for small businesses average $500/month and $250/month for self-employed entrepreneurs. If your bookkeeping records are out of date, an hourly rate is available to get you caught up. Additional bookkeeping services are available upon request.

What is included in bookkeeping services?

Bookkeeping services include customer invoicing, collecting and reconciling bank statements and credit card statements, recording expenses, managing accounts receivable and accounts payable, adjusting accounts based on monthly statements, following up with past-due invoices, profitability analysis, monthly financial reporting (and how to read them), collecting and preparing reports for taxes, and consulting via phone, email, and video.

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