Quickbooks Help for Small Businesses

QuickBooks is the leading program for managing the finances for your small business. If you know how to use it, it can be an incredibly powerful tool to help manage and grow your business.

As a Certified QuickBooks Bookkeeper, I will help you organize your income and expenses and produce insightful reports. Using these will help you make smart business decisions that will benefit you today and create a better future for your business.

Whether you already have a QuickBooks profile you need help managing or you need to start from the beginning, I’m here to help.


If your business has never had Quickbooks…

It’s time to get organized! I can help set up your Quickbooks company profile, configure your settings, and input your financial statements. This is a one-time process to get you going. Then moving forward, either I can manage it or you can take it over.

  • Create your company file
  • Configure your accounting, and tax settings
  • Connect your bank accounts and credit cards
  • Set up accounts to track expense categories
  • Set up payroll and accounts payable
  • Enable invoicing and payment processing
  • Set up payroll
  • Set up car leases

If you need help cleaning up and managing Quickbooks…

Hire a Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor (that’s me!) to manage your bookkeeping. I can efficiently and proactively run your Quickbooks account, taking care of everything from invoicing and expenses to reporting and accounts receivable.

  • Importing credit card transactions
  • Reconciling your bank accounts with Quickbooks
  • Following up on accounts receivable
  • Organizing transactions and categories
  • Updating taxes and payable accounts
  • Reporting on Profit & Loss, Income & Expenses
  • Automating invoicing, expenses and payroll

List of Quickbooks Services

As a Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor, I’m familiar with all the basic, intermediate, and advanced features that Quickbooks offers. Here’s a list of the most popular Quickbooks services I provide:

  • Importing Transactions – I can connect your QuickBooks account to your credit card and bank account to automatically import transactions. I will also input transactions manually when needed.
  • Collect and reconcile bank statements – I will reconcile your bank accounts every month.
  • Organizing and tracking expenses – I will create accounts to track expenses depending on your business needs. This will help you measure how much you spend in each area of your business.
  • Online Invoicing – I will setup online invoicing so you can get paid faster. I will also create custom invoice templates so every invoice looks professional.
  • Manage and report on Accounts Receivables and Payables – I will remind you of the income you can anticipate receiving and also the bills that you will need to submit payment for each upcoming month.
  • Review and adjust accounts based on monthly statements – I will review all your accounts to make sure every expense and transaction is recorded properly based on the monthly bank and credit card statements.
  • Tracking Sales Tax – Whether you need to file monthly or quarterly, I can make it easy to track how much you owe and make those payments and submit the state reports.
  • Past Due Account Follow-up – I will alert you monthly who is delinquent in paying past due bills and follow-up to get payment.
  • Monthly Profit and Loss Statements – At the end of each month, I will email you an up-to-date P&L statement for that month, so you know exactly what your financial “house” looks like.

Comparing Quickbooks Online Versions

The table below shows the different features of the major Quickbooks Online versions (as of May 2020). Quickbooks may modify these features and add new features.

Also Consider Wave Accounting Software

If you aren’t ready to commit to ongoing QuickBooks, I recommend using Wave Accounting Software. Wave is a strong competitor to QuickBooks and does most standard daily tasks and transactions you will need to run your business. The best part is that Wave is FREE for the basic service.

  •       Track income and expenses
  •       Capture and organize receipts
  •       Maximize tax deductions
  •       Invoice & accept payments
  •       Run basic reports
  •       Send estimates
  •       Track sales & sales tax
  •       Manage 1099 contractors
  •       Manage and pay bills
  •       Accountant-approved reporting
  •       Fully integrated with other Wave financial tools
  •       Built for businesses with 1 – 9 employees

Quickbooks FAQs

What is Quickbooks?

QuickBooks is a well-known and trusted accounting software. It is a perfect solution for small and mid-sized businesses to effectively manage their financial information. Over the years, QuickBooks has added many options to the basic software including payroll functions, bill pay, and the ability to accept client payments.

How does Quickbooks work?

By inputting your financial information, the software automatically updates your chart of accounts based on the financial information you provide. Using bank feeds, all transactions from your bank accounts will input directly into your QuickBooks account.

Which version of Quickbooks do I need?

That depends on your business. Most businesses will use either the Essentials or the Plus version. The main difference between these is the ability track projects and inventory. Custom report capability is more extensive in the Plus version.

How do I invite a bookkeeper to Quickbooks Online?

If you already have a QuickBooks subscription and want to invite your Bookkeeper to the account, it’s an easy adjustment under the “Manage Users” tab. From there, click on “Invite Accountant” and their email address.

For additional insights regarding the process of outsourcing your bookkeeping, take a look at How to Outsource Bookkeeping.

What does a bookkeeper do better than Quickbooks?

QuickBooks is a powerful tool, but you still need someone who knows how to use it. A Bookkeeper uses QuickBooks to manage your business financials. A business owner may be perfectly capable of using the software, but doesn’t have the consistent amount of time that’s needed to do the job right. A Bookkeeper is also skilled in recognizing financial issues and can alert you early enough so you can adjust – maybe you are spending too much in one account or a client hasn’t paid an invoice.

Is Quickbooks Online different from the traditional Quickbooks desktop?

Yes. QuickBooks desktop is limited in that tax laws change every year and the customer must buy the yearly upgrade. Upgrading to QB Online versions allows the customer to pay a small monthly fee and as federal and state law change, the software is automatically upgraded. The online version also allows an accountant to access the company file remotely, thereby removing the need for the bookkeeping to be done on site. There is a QB Desktop “cloud-based” version which allows the Accountant to access remotely.

How do I hire a Quickbooks bookkeeper?

That’s easy! Click on the “Contact Us” button at the top of this page. Provide a little bit of information about your business. Together we can choose the best plan for your business.

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